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 Rules to follow

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Kakashi Hatake
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PostSubject: Rules to follow   Tue Mar 11, 2008 3:39 pm

Ok, here are the rules and regulations of my forum.

1. No spamming
2. Don't use explicit language (aka, F***, B****, S***, etc). Mild language is acceptable ( aka, damn, hell, ass, bastard,etc).
3. No flaming, unless in rp
4. No backtalking to admins and mods
5. No backseat modding
6. No doubles of characters ( i.e. Kenpachi Zaraki and Kenny143) not allowed- unless Kenny is a made up character
7. No double posting
8. NO GOD MODDING!!!!! any instance of god modding i see gets a week long ban ( i.e. blocking everything, dodging everything, overpowered characters)
9. Do NOT post hentai/nude pictures WHATSOEVER.
10. Be kind to everybody. Don't tease others. Failing to lack respect against somebody in the intentions to hurt his/her feelings will result in you getting a warning.
11. Only registered users can only posts.
12. Do not use any vulgar words that might cause arguements.
14. Don't over do swearing. Swearing is allowed but is not to be excesseively used in every word you speak.
15. Respect other's opinions. If you don't agree on what that person is saying don't go picking a fight with them.
16. No killing another player's character without their premisson.
17. Give your partner a chance to respond. You can't just strike their character down in one post and say the battle is over. Give them time to have their character fight back.

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Rules to follow
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