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 RPG guide

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PostSubject: RPG guide   Tue Mar 11, 2008 3:37 pm

Ok guys as you can see this is a Text Based Rpg that means all your actions are typed out.
Put it between the asterisk
*Walks up to Kenpachi*

When you say something it must be between the >> " << sign after the action that you do.
Example:*Walks up to Kenpachi.*
"Hey Kenpachi."

There is also a thing called OCC or Out of conversation that is usually put in theses () or just type OOC: its for if your talking to the person about something else out of the conversation that your having.
Example:*Walks up to Kenpachi.*
"Hey Kenpachi"
(come to the chatbox)

*Walks up to Kenpachi.*
"Hey Kenpachi"
OOC:Come to the chatbox

Thats all the infromation i know about chatting and actions. There is also 1 other thing you need to watch yourself and see that you dont do its called God Moding. Its doing something that is not possible.
Example:*Vizard King slash Fen and kill him in one hit*

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RPG guide
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