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 Kenkou no Sousa

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Age : 21
Location : Everywhere
Type of Hunter : Mostly Wildlife/Ghostly Species; a bit of Treasure Hunter (due to childhood); no set Hunter type yet
Nen ability : Kenkou
Nen type : Manipulation
Registration date : 2011-02-21

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PostSubject: Kenkou no Sousa   Mon Feb 21, 2011 9:53 am

Kenkou no Sousa - Health Manipulation

Nen Ability: Health Manipulation

Nen Type: Manipulation

Description: Somewhat self-explanatory. Using Nen, whenever Kaeryn touches a living organism, she is able to manipulate/control the cells within it. She may be able to mess up the system of the person or help stabilize it. This often takes time as she needs time to recognize the various cells and different locations (she cannot kill someone at first touch). If mastered correctly, she may temporarily paralyze one's hand at a touch.

[May not yet apply.... a future ability??]
((My Japanese may be all mixed up, I think... And as a side note, I love how I sound like I'm talking to myself here... =.= ))
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Kenkou no Sousa
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