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 Character: Kaeryn Lethaen

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PostSubject: Character: Kaeryn Lethaen   Mon Feb 21, 2011 9:08 am

Character Sheet/Registration/Form Thing Smile

((Yeah, so obviously this forum's dead... or was never active. Which is a pity since it looks so nice and stuff.. D; But since I already registered and everything, I thought it couldn't hurt to post some stuff, lol. Maybe the forum could be revived..?? Or even if there aren't enough people out there interested, this forum layout was so captivating that I had to register even though I knew it was inactive, lawl. xD So might as well post some stuff while I'm here. ^-^ ))

Name: Kaeryn Lethaen

Gender: Female

Age: 14

Looks: Kaeryn is a young girl of average height with her hair tied up in a clean (yet messy) ponytail. She has dark blue eyes close to black, and wears casual clothing. She blends in well with everyone; in fact, she is extremely average in looks, though for some strange reasons, she seems to be often remembered by others despite her casual style (too casual that she's suspicious perhaps?).

Personality: Kaeryn is often quiet and reserved to most people, and will usually stay that way unless someone opens up to her. She is pretty active and likes using various methods of humor (and sarcasm) towards those who open up to her. She laughs fairly easily and finds almost everything amusing. Kaeryn doesn't like to be rushed and prefers to think things through using logical concepts at her own pace. She will easily respect a person judging by their way of thinking and thoughts. She often tries to be sneaky, and likes to poke fun.

History/Background Story: Kaeryn was born a small rural area next to a small city. As her family lived in poverty, she would often run off to the city and pick up bits of information and knowledge which piled up to her basic education. She was a quick learner, understanding the various concepts of different subjects. Because of this, she was extremely skilled in stealth and also thievery due to her desperation to find food for her family. Stealing, however, made her extremely irritable and she would always try to find ways to repay the person. From her deprived childhood life, Kaeryn gained much dexterity, agility, and endurance (though she had no luck whatsoever). As she grew up, she found more ways to surreptitiously travel through the city and from this, she had accidentally received a bit of knowledge on Nen. Kaeryn didn't understand much (if any at all), but she did manage to master Ten--even if she didn't fully understand it. As time slowly flew by, Kaeryn--not wanting to continue her troublesome thievery lifestyle--made a firm decision to become a Hunter.

What do you want to be: Hunter

Extra Details: (Maybe for future info?) A Manipulation user (possibly Specialization... not sure at the moment). Her Hatsu Compatibility Diagram/Chart:

((Maybe I can add/change some stuff afterward.. not too satisfied. x_x ))

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Character: Kaeryn Lethaen
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